All You Need To Know About 2023 Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross

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2023 Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross-Mitsubishi used to be the lively friend who would get the party started and bring you to females in college, but he’s grown up and is now more concerned about his 401K than having a good time. Yes, the previously thrilling brand is now entirely recognized for creating sensible cars for sensible people, and the 2023 Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross has lately received some new features and a fair pricing. Early in 2021, the new 2022 Eclipse Cross was unveiled, and the upcoming 2023 model promises to provide an even more sensible driving experience.

2023 Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross

2023 Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross Exterior

The exterior of the 2023 model features a completely restyled rear hatch and window, and new 18-inch alloy wheels for LE, SE, and SEL trims.The Eclipse Cross was restyled last year with a regular liftgate rather than a split back window like the Toyota Prius, and it now looks more like the larger Outlander, which is Mitsubishi’s best-selling vehicle. With chrome clamps flanking the grille like some kind of X-wing fighter, the front end strives hard to stick out. Standard daytime running lights glare from the clamps’ tops, but Mitsubishi stacks LED headlights with fog lights in the recess. The lighting signature of the divide is…unique.


2023 Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross


Inside, Mitsubishi uses a lot of black plastic on the dash, doors, and console, but the HVAC and audio controls are properly labeled, so it’s easy, if not old. The experience is enhanced by a mechanical gear shifter and a primitive touchscreen. The Eclipse Cross has lane departure warnings as well, although blind-spot monitors and automatic high beams are only available on the top two SE and SEL trim levels. A surround-view camera system, adaptive cruise control, and high-speed automatic emergency braking are available on the top SEL trim. The ES comes standard with cloth seats, a 7.0-inch touchscreen, and a single USB charging connection.


2023 Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross Interior

2023 Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross Powertrain

The powertrain survives, but it isn’t in a hurry to get anywhere. From a stop, the 152-horsepower 1.5-liter turbo-4 drags, and the continuously variable automatic transmission feels a step behind what the driver commands. Standard all-wheel drive boosts grip and costs similarly, and combined fuel economy is a very respectable 26 mpg.


2023 Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross Powertrain

2023 Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross Price

The ES starts at $25,795 and goes up to $27,045 for the LE, $28,045 for the SE, and $29,295 for the SEL. The SE model offers the best value for money and features. Keyless remote entry with pushbutton start, driver-assistance technologies, and dual-zone automatic climate control are just a few of the features that justify the slightly higher price tag over the LE model.